Youth Program

For the past 18 years, Impact Jiu Jitsu has been building the self-confidence, focus, physical fitness and self-defense skills of our students. AT Mt Hood Impact our Youth Program provides the highest level of technical Jiu Jitsu training, a focus on values and character, and a meaningful system of promotion and accomplishment – all in a safe and fun environment.

While Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is our main focus, we also periodically incorporate self-defense and anti-abduction training. This includes some striking (punches and kicks). The youth classes are fun and energetic and give the kids a real sense of accomplishment and pride in what they learn each day.

We expect growth in these areas:

  • Character — respect, self-discipline, focus, dedication, confidence, and integrity
  • Physical — coordination, balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, quickness and agility
  • Self-defense — simple, effective techniques that can be used to defend oneself and others; with an emphasis on appropriateness

Not sure they’re ready yet?

Children are all unique to their development. Their emotional maturity, size and coordination all come alone at different rates. Ideally 4-5years of age is when we consider them ready to start nut we’ve also seen kids as early as 2-3 show us the ability to be coached and the drive to learn so we offer a Playjitsu class twice a week for ages 2-5yrs of age to help get them ready. (see more in our class schedule description)

Youth to-do lists: