Parent Coaches encouraged!!!

Kid doing Jiu Jitsu and you’re not?!

Want to?

We believe as parents we need to practice hat we preach and that our children learn best from our actions than our words. They are far more likely to mirror our actions than follow our direction. Especially if we’re encouraging them to do something we don’t.

So we’re extending a discount option for parents wanting/willing to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. How’s it work? Simple and based on how much time you can commit. Help with at least as many weekly classes as your kid attends to earn a set discount on your membership. 1-2 classes a week you receive 50% off your membership. 3-5 classes a week receive 100% off your membership. If you opt for a family package then it’s then is $40/$80 as those packages are already greatly discounted.


  • Must train at least twice a week yourself
  • Balance your focus with all the kids in program
  • Your kids need to be in the big or little cubs age group.
  • Help coach kids at tournaments your kid competes in when you or they aren’t competing.
  • Parents with a Blue belts and higher maybe called upon to teach a kids class regularly.
  • Up hold yourself as what is deemed acceptable by Impact standards to be a positive role model for others.
  • Option is based on academy’s availability/need as determined by head coach.

Our goal for this program is to continue to strengthen our community and the family we’ve created here. OSS 🙏🏽🤙🏽💯❤️

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