What is the full disclosure principle?

The full disclosure principle requires a company to provide the necessary information so that people able to make informed decisions regarding the company.

What does this have to do with martial arts?

It’s not uncommon schools do a lot of enticing to get a student through the door. Often offering lengthy free trials and super low introductory fee for a few months. Key is to build value and simply get you in the door to try something you’re either skeptical, nervous or fearful of trying. Is this unethical? We don’t think so. It’s a valid need for some.

The issue that arises especially for kids is the cost you later get hit with just to get started after such. How do you say no to your kid for something you know they want and it’s good for them? Often after the lengthy free trial and or cheap introductory rates you’re hit with the true cost to truly start training beyond the monthly fee. In addition your hit with a registration fee and an equipment fee. Some schools even go as far to have on going testing fees, and if you pass there’s a promotion fee. Now we’re not talking down on these strategies. It does take time effort and materials for these things to happen.

Why are we at Mt. Hood Impact breaking away from this model? We want you with us long term. We want your loyalty so we must earn it. We believe in transparency in business. As we grow and improve we want what we offer to also improve. We’ve now reached 60 founding members and we hope to continue to grow but we want the growth to improve the academy for all members. We hope to expand our space one day as well as the classes we offer.

So to help do that we’ve decided to change our model rates as well as encouraging parents to help keep the kids engaged in practices. Our new rates model will be an upfront contract. You’ll pay a set monthly rate for life(requires no break in membership). You’ll receive a free Gi during your first month of classes. AND you’ll never pay a regeneration fee, test fee or promotional fee EVER!!!

We believe our academy students are our family and our partners and they deserves full disclosure 🤙🏽🙏🏽