Children are all unique to their development. Their emotional maturity, size and coordination all come along at different rates. Ideally 4-5years of age is when we consider them ready to start but we’ve also seen kids as early as 2-3 show us the ability to be coached and the drive to learn. We offer a Playjitsu class twice a week for ages 2-5yrs of age to help get them ready for all sports and life in general. We’ll be primarily focussing on development of their social and physical skills through structured play. The skills of being coachable, kinesthetics and emotional capacity will help them to excel in not only Jiu Jitsu or sports but many other areas in life. Classes start November 12th and are every Tuesday Thursday at 4-4:30pm and has a monthly tuition of $75 and will cap at 10 students. We’ll offer one free class as a trial but it’s first come first serve.