Making an Impact Early Little Cubs At Capacity

So it’s perhaps bittersweet to formally say our first age group of Little Cubs 4-7yrs is at full capacity. We will begin a waiting list as kids leave or graduate up create a new opening or one day we gain more coaches. However!! Our age groups are NOT set in stone so if you have a child in this age bracket who’s perhaps big for his age and a maturity to match they maybe able to start in our Big Cubs class early as we have just a handful of spots left there.

We could easily accommodate more little cubs but not without detriment to their development. BJJ is not just an activity to learn self defense but a tool to teach problem solving, anger management, discipline, humility, and pride. It also teaches them to be coached, critiqued, and reprimanded. It shows them the effort they put in equates to the outcome they receive. They receive immediately feedback either by their training partner or their coach from their own actions. So it’s important that we maintain a class size that allows that.

We are so grateful and humbled at the opportunity to shape these little cubs! It’s our belief that the greatest IMPACT on a person life and when they’re truly shaped all happens by age 7! After that we’re all at best a soft buffer to the direction these kids are headed! Now! That doesn’t me we give up on them after 7 just realize it will take a greater force to redirect their path the older they get! Oss🙏🏽