Combat Jiu Jitsu

August 26th we’ll be rolling out both our new class schedule (later start times so all local schools can make it on time as well as those getting off work) but also A NEW CLASS called Combat Jiu Jitsu. (adults only)

What is Combat Jiu Jitsu? Think Brazilian Jiu Jitsu meets Muay Thai. THIS IS NOT THE SPORT OF MMA! We won’t be sparring live with strikes just grappling. WE WILL be learning Muay Thai strikes and drilling HARD on pads and a heavy bag. HOW will we combine the two? Students will be required to wear +6oz MMA gloves and Knee Pads for grappling rounds wear we will learn to utilize Jiu Jitsu to control and defend a striker (who will demonstrate lite strikes gloves and pads are warm to minimize the risk of injury) YOU WILL learn proper striking technique from both standing and on the ground as well as how to best use Jiu Jitsu when strikes are an option.

We’re excited for this class! We will have some gloves and knee pads for purchase but you may also bring your own. They must be at least 6oz gloves and puffy volleyball knee pads. THERE WILL NOT be hard or even medium strikes to anything other than coaches, pads or bag BUT we will make you better prepared to defend yourself when you or your attacker can strike🙏🏽

Further questions please contact us.


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