Welcoming a new coach.

Please help us welcome on board a new coach. Bryce Hambelton. He will be coming on board to help fill in for classes when Coach Josh or Jose are not able to. Coach Bryce is a Purple Belt with Impact and coaches regularly at the Clackamas Impact but lives in Estacada and will bring great leg attack skills and unique style to us starting on Friday August 9th and we hope you’ll all come to class and welcome him 🤙🏽 here’s a little more about him…

The son of a nationally ranked athlete, Bryce grew up in gyms and developed an early love for athletics. He played basketball and ran cross country in college where he earned All-American honors. Aside from his athletic career, Bryce is a student of Philosophy having earned his Bachelor’s degree in the subject from Portland State.

Bryce stumbled upon Jiu Jitsu as an adult, and quickly found it perfectly suited his competitive, athletic, and intellectual personality. Ever since, he and the mat have been nearly inseparable. He appreciates how it challenges his mind as well as his body. After his family and friends, jiu jitsu is his third love. Come and get fascinated by the sport with him!

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