Just over 8 weeks Open

As we approach the end of our 9th week we’re at 36 students total with a 50/50 split of youth to adults. Girls nearly double the boys in our youth program but men way out number the women in our adults program. This shows great promise for the future, not only if our program but society. We’re building strong women and disciplined young me.

As for what we’ve learned… As a school we’re nearing the end of our first “pod” where we’ve covered the basic positions of guard, cross-sides, ands handful of takedowns. We’ve covered escapes, controls and sweeps with sprinkled submissions along the way. We’ll spend the next couple weeks reviewing and tightening up all of this before we move on to our next pod: Mount and Back Take.

We believe we’re staying true to our mission to be a self defense focused school that utilizes competition as a testing ground for the retention of the skills we’ve learned or need to work on. That said,all three of our coaches competed at the subleague qualifier and placed on the podium. This solidifies we have a solid coaching team that will lead our students to success.

Our next big one is our upcoming Mat Warming Party Sunday June 2nd. We’ll be having fun open Mat for those wanting to roll as well as a few demonstrations on what Jiu Jitsu is and can be for those unfamiliar. We’ll have door prizes and best of all a great street taco bar! So PLEASE COME JOIN US!! Even if it’s just for the good 😋