Just over 3 weeks from open doors

Oh wow what a ride folks!!! So currently we stand at 24 members and growing daily with youth and adult athletes! We’ve primarily been getting people familiar with what Jiu Jitsu is all about. Customs, practices and beliefs etc.. of both the art, Impact Jiu Jitsu, and us as a family.

We’re certainly beyond excited as how well we’ve done in such a short period but have not lost how far we still have to go. Our attempts to transition to a website with all the bells and whistles/billing/curriculum simply didn’t pan out. So if you by chance read this and we manage to get you signed up on the website to pay your dues, know that we’ll be reaching out to you at the beginning of next month to switch you to our tried and true PayPal system and the rest will be done the old fashioned way.

Now for where we’re at on our curriculum and practice. I Coach Jose will be teaching in pods lasting 3-4 months depending on what is included and how well people retain it. Class structure will be RNT or Review, New, Trailer/Teaser. We will review at the first part of class as our warm up what we have been working on. We will spend the meet of the middle learning something new that builds on to our base of knowledge and then close out with a touch of wear we’re going next with it mix with a little positional sparring of what was taught that day.

Current Pod is Takedowns, Cross Sides, and Guard. We have began learning a few basic takedowns from a snap drag, double leg, single leg, bodylock flow, as well as a couple drag variations of a sweep. We have learned a few escape flows from cross side bottom that will later tie in elsewhere but provided us an entry to guard as a possible outcome from being taken down. From guard and cross sides we’re focused on the hip bump and scissor sweep, breaking posture for kimura, arm bar, omoplata attacks.

Our key is learning to communicate as a fighter by listening/becoming aware of what your opponent is doing to best respond with and ideal counter. i.e listening during a debate allows us to understand what the other is trying to say so that we may formulate and ideal rebuttal.