Opening day is almost here

So we’re 6 days out from being officially open. The academy is nearly complete with just the wall mats that are scheduled to arrive Wednesday to be installed. Our marketing seems to be reaching the surrounding area well and getting lots of people inquiring about classes and membership.

Tomorrow we are volunteering with some kids to do some local trash cleanup near Tickle Creek. Should be fun and rewarding as well meet a few community members as well as contribute to the community 🤙🏽

We have started formulating our first weeks curriculum in anticipation of most being beginners and brand new to Jiu Jitsu. We will focus on what I Jose call the RDAs of Self Defense. Retreat, Defend, Attack.

We want to develop the understanding that it’s best to retreat and avoid an altercation whenever possible for many reasons. When a situation arises that retreating isn’t and option then defending as to avoid taking any tremendous damage from strikes or weapons. If the situation continues to escalate without hope of relief then attacking is recommended.

Our classes regarding Self Defense is primary. Our sport and competition will be important but secondary and that’s when aggression will be more prioritized.