Had our city inspection last week and have completed all the contingencies we were given for our certificate of occupancy. We now have that along with our city of Sandy business license waiting for us at city hall. We’re still waiting on city planning to approve our new momentum sign so that we may order it. Various items have started coming in and it’s beginning to look like something 🤷🏽‍♂️😂

Marketing materials for our grand opening arrived yesterday and we’ve slowly started getting out and about disperse flyers but lots yet to go. However, with just the few businesses we stopped at we got great reception. Things continue to flow in and we get them put where we believe they should go, but things always change by the end of it all.

Next week the mats should arrive and we’ve gotten a few commitments on help so we hope that should happen as planned provided the weather doesn’t cause delays. We also mange to still get in a few practices for our own personal benefit but we’re sure to make up for it once open. 🤙🏽

If you’re unaware we’re still living out of our motor home as we’ve begun building our house just east of Sandy. However, it’s in the shop getting the slide out fixed while we enjoy a few nights at a hotel. But we packed a few GIs and we’re rolling with the punches. Should back in our RV tomorrow and back to life as usual.